The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

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The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

In this scene from the movie Mamazon, Queen Alexis meets with her High Priestess Daylene and tells her to prepare for a special ritual. Shyla, the Queen's concubine, is to be fully initiated into the Mamazon tribe in a secret ceremony.

Alexis orders Daylene to bring Kevin and JMac to her chambers. As part of this erotic rite, Daylene gives Shyla and Kevin a potent psychotropic drink that puts them in a sexual trance under the control of the Queen. Suddenly, JMac makes a break for it. Daylene is ordered to retrieve him and she takes off in pursuit of JMac.

While JMac runs for his life, the Queen and Shyla have a three-way sex orgy with a hallucinating Kevin, now spellbound and out of his head. In the grip of erotic ecstasy, Kevin pounds both writhing Mamazons and fucks Alexis' ass in an over-the-top ceremony. But wait! This ritual is far from complete. Read More »
Featuring: Alexis Silver, Shyla Shy, and Levi Cash
Date: December 1st, 2021
Duration: 18:50

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