Three GILFs, two cocks and Chery's first DP

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Three GILFs, two cocks and Chery's first DP

Rita Daniels, 68, Sally D'Angelo, 64, and Chery Leigh, 60, are sunbathing by the pool on a beautiful, sunny day, decked out in revealing bikinis, talking about what Chery's planning on doing very soon.

"I'm so glad that you're finally going to try DP," Sally says to Chery.

"I can't wait," Chery says.

Rita looks over, sees two guys working on the pool and says, "Oh my gosh, looks like you might get your chance sooner than you thought, girlfriend."

Meanwhile, Jonathan, the boss, is telling 19-year-old Archie to keep his eyes on the pool, not the women.

"They're bonafide, certified GILFs," Jonathan tells Archie, "and they're smokin' hot."

He doesn't want to lose the job. He's afraid that his partner is going to spend the morning staring at the GILFs. Couldn't blame him if he did. But the ladies have their eyes on cock, and they get the guys' attention by flashing their tits. Then they bend over to show off their asses. Turns out the ladies have butt plugs shoved inside their… Read More »
Date: April 11th, 2021
Duration: 31:43

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