A Private Dick for a Busty Mobster's Moll

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A Private Dick for a Busty Mobster's Moll

Private dick Jimmy Dix is getting fed up with May West's code of silence and her pretending not to know anything about her gangster boyfriend's shady business. He's going to have to resort to stronger methods.

Forcing her to listen to his recordings of accordion music is too brutal, so he settles on fucking the facts out of this well-built and sexy moll. That spankable ass looks too good to pass up also. But how's May going to confess and squeal on the guy with a throat full of cock? There are ways.

May is new to nude modeling and porn.

"I really enjoy this. It's fun, so I'm just seeing where it goes. I do enjoy working in the service industry, and I see myself living in New Orleans for a while and modeling when there are opportunities. I'm kind of a sensation seeker. I've always been like that. I like extreme sensations as well as pushing myself. I'm constantly trying to figure out how far I can go."

May never does confess after she's been put through the grinder by this private… Read More »
Featuring: May West and Jimmy Dix
Date: June 9th, 2023
Duration: 18:00

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