A Busty Anal Slave for Two Men

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A Busty Anal Slave for Two Men

Hands tie a woman's wrists with a red ribbon. Other hands clip a leash to her neck collar. Nikky Wilder is a prisoner and soon to become a busty anal slave for two men. But there is no fear in Nikky's eyes, just a look of expectation and anticipation.

Leash man pulls one way. Ribbon man pulls another way. Rough hands fondle her between stinging slaps to her face and big boobs. They pull down her top to suck her thick nipples and squeeze handfuls of her soft breast flesh.

Nikky moans, "So hot," as these two human beasts do their work on her tits. One of them pulls his cock out and feeds it to Nikky's waiting mouth. She sucks on it hands-free. Her tongue protrudes for each helping of cock as it nears her and she makes popping sounds as he pulls it out from between her lips.

Man #2 wants some of that, too. She turns, holding the first man's cock in her hands as he holds her hair, and she sucks on cock #2. His hands push her head down more on his bone while she bobs up and down on… Read More »
Date: May 31st, 2024
Duration: 22:34

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