Rita's toy and cock air-tight scene

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Rita's toy and cock air-tight scene

"It's so nice to be back," big-titted Rita Daniels says. "Here I am, two years later, 71, and I'm just beginning. So today, I'm going to get DP'd. Only problem is, I'm missing one dick, so I'm going to have myself a nice dildo."

She takes out her big, black dildo and tells her stud, who's off-camera, "I can't wait to have you in my ass, baby."

Is it just our imagination or did the dildo get harder and longer when she said that?

"And my pussy. My wet, wet pussy. Do you want to stick your big cock in my cunt?"

Did she say cunt? Of course she did. She always does.

This video is a long one at over 37 minutes, and it's packed with non-stop raunchy action as Rita shows off her sloppy, gagging, deep-throat blow job skills and also shows off her coordination by 1.) Fucking her pussy with the dildo while sucking cock and balls; 2.) Fucking her ass with the dildo while Nicky fucks her pussy; 3.) Sucking the dildo while her ass is filled with real cock and her pussy is filled with toy. This… Read More »
Featuring: Rita Daniels and Nicky Rebel
Date: May 19th, 2023
Duration: 37:38

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