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Ass first, pussy later

When this video opens, Suzy, a 50-year-old divorcee and mom, has her tits out. Well, one of them, anyway, but the second comes out very quickly. Suzy has big, beautiful, natural tits. The first thing she does is take out a dildo and rub it all over her breasts. The next thing she does is rub it over her pussy. And the next thing she does is pull her panties aside so she can show us her pussy and ass.

Then Joey shows up, and the first thing he does is worship Suzy's sweet ass. He fingers her pussy and eats her ass then he fingers her asshole.

Now, if this were like most other porn videos, Suzy would then suck his cock and Joey would fuck her pussy. But this is not like most other porn videos because the next thing Joey does is slide his cock deep inside Suzy's tight asshole. So, yeah, they skipped a few steps, but who's complaining? Definitely not Suzy.

Suzy gets ass-fucked doggy-style and in the spoon position, her tits jiggling, her face overcome with lust. She's so horny that… Read More »
Featuring: Suzy
Date: August 21st, 2021
Duration: 24:31

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